If your business deals with production expansion or modification of its operations, with maintenance stops or changes in daily operations, it could have implications for procedures and permits under the Environmental legislation. ES-Con can help you with:

  • Advise on and complete the (revision) permit process under the General Provisions Environmental Law (Wabo) .
  • Apply a Water Act Permit including necessary investigations. Run ABM key Emission Immission key,
  • Design, implement and manage environmental management systems, including internal audits, management review, etc ..
  • Appy and provide the required documentation for environmental reporting procedures.
  • Consultancy relating to the activities thereof.
  • Perform a compliance check.
  • Advise on a wide range of environmental issues.
  • Supply interim (Q) HSE support.
  • Test Dutch Soil Protection Directive (in collaboration with Allart Environmental Care).