ES-Con in brief

ES-Con serves her customers with the analysis of a problem in order to reach a tailored advice.
We advise industrial companies with a focus on environmental and safety issues. For a good advice on environmental issues, safety aspects can be important as well. Even so for a good safety advice it can be necessary to take environmental aspects into account as well.

In addition we work at the interface of technology issues and communication, like a Hazard and Operability study (HAZOP), where we have a lot of experience in guiding such sessions.

It is our goal to advice pragmatic solutions which will be most efficiently for our customers (efficient in the way of costs and operational management) within the possibilities of the relevant laws and regulations.

ES-Con for environmental works regularly with Allart Environmental Care, for example, in the preparation of soil risk.
ES-Con is also part of the Symphony Group and is a member of the Association of Environmental Physicists (VVM). As a result, use can be made of a wide variety of experts to pick up multidisciplinary projects.

ES-Con is founded by Msc. Alice van Es in 2013.
After her studies Chemical and Environmental Technology she worked for more than 15 years for two of the top 10 Dutch engineering companies. She worked more than 5 years for Tebodin and over 10 years at Tauw as a Project manager/Senior Consultant Environment and Safety and as Group manager HSE, Business unit Industry.